There is life and lingerie after breast surgery!
Call us on +61 (7) 3511 4222

There is life and lingerie after breast surgery!
Call us on +61 (7) 3511 4222

About Debra Taylor and Spirit of Life Boutique

Debra Taylor has been a lingerie fitter for many years; she was in fact working for a major European lingerie manufacturer before she was approached to manage the Spirit of Life Boutique. With a close family member with breast cancer at the time and her husband who had lost two special women in his life to breast cancer, well it was an easy choice to make. One of the things that Debra first noticed was the non availability of pretty lingerie for women who had been through the anguish of breast cancer. Everything in stock was either white, off white, antique white, cream, beige, bone or.. well you get the picture.

Debra has always loved bright feminine lingerie herself, so she set about slowly turning the shop around to offer lovely items.  Colourful bras and matching briefs, stunning mastectomy swimsuits and the list goes on. In 2004 Debra and her husband Mark purchased the boutique from its then multi national owners and set about an overnight revolution in post surgery lingerie. Several trips to Europe to meet with manufacturers to get the colors and styles she so desperately wanted to offer to her special ladies.

And it paid off!

Now more than 10 years later her efforts speak for themselves with her boutique now having the widest range of post mastectomy lingerie in Australia. It is true, nobody carries as much variety or stock as Debra.  Twice a year (April and September) the boutique sends out its newsletter, Boutique News to their customers showing all of the new seasons variety that is coming in. And the girls are rushed off their feet. If you don't get a newsletter, call Debra now on (07) 3511 4222 and ask to be put on the mailing list

Choices in Breast Prostheses... it's what we do!

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9am - 4:00pm
Some Saturday mornings on an appointment only basis.

"It is my firm belief that women who have been through the anguish of breast cancer should have the widest possible choice in fashion breast care products.

I'm proud that our Spirit of Life Boutique now has the widest range available in Queensland"

Debra Taylor

Stop by Debra's blog "Post Mastectomy Products and Services" for more great information.

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