There is life and lingerie after breast surgery!
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There is life and lingerie after breast surgery!
Call us on +61 (7) 3511 4222

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Ancona Briefs to match Ancona Bra

Stunning briefs to match the Ancona Bra


Ancona Mastectomy Soft Cup Bra.

From Anita of Germany...

You will love this bra because it features exclusive silver and black lace print. The pockets are made of a very soft microfibre which means that it is so very soft and comfortable against your chest wall. Add in the comfort straps for last word in style and comfort to get you through your busy day. And the back of the bra is lined with power tulle too! 

Matching briefs are available.


Anita 1057 Partial breast Prostheses with filler material for expansion and perfect fit.

Made in Germany by Anita, this prosthesis has a soft silicone front, a microfibre back and an opening to allow you to add fibre filling (supplied) to ensure a perfect fit should your size change.

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Symmetry Matters


Anita Breast Prosthesis 1152X

This is unique silicone breast form with a microfibre fabric back. Ideal for ladies that cannot wear heavy prostheses as this is 42% lighter than average.

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Anita Lymphofit Bra

For ladies who suffer from lymph congestion in the breast and thorax area. This bra  is ideal as it actively massages with the special fabric and actively promotes blood circulation of the blood in the skin. This stimulates lymph drainage and also has a positive effect on scar healing. It also is designed to wick moisture away from the skin. Front eye and hook fastener is on the outside of the bra to prevent any skin irritation. The straps have a 3 position hook and eye fastener for altering sizing.

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