There is life and lingerie after breast surgery!
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Women are often overwhelmed when told they have breast cancer. Feelings of helplessness, sorrrow and why me swirl round in their head.

Quite often Debra sees women who are yet to have breast surgery and she takes the time to explain the different procedures in terms of what post surgery items will most likely suit them.

Debra starts by showing the ladies a post surgery bra form the range. These are soft, comfortable and front opening for ease of fitting.

Post mastectomy you may be given a "fluffy duck" as a temp product to were in your bra. These are not designed for permanent wearing as they are very light, and apart from allowing your bra to creep up they can affect your back as you are now "out of balance" as it were.

Around 6 - 7 weeks post surgery, if you are healing well then Debra or the girls can fit you with a correctly sized prosthesis. These come in different shapes and sizes and are made in Germany from high quality materials. If you hold an Australian Medicare card you can claim back up to $400 per prosthesis ( or $800 if you are bi-lateral) and Deb has the forms in shop and is happy to help you with the paper work.

Now, if you have had a lumpectomy, you may need for a partial prosthesis depending on how much and where the breast tissue was removed from. Again, these partial prostheses are claimable through Medicare if you hold a card. 

Debra has owned the boutique for over 10 years and managed it before that for the previous owners. Her knowledge and skill in this area are second to none and many breast care nurses and Doctors often ring her for advice. You too can take advantage of what she knows.. she is but a phone call away!

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