There is life and lingerie after breast surgery!
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Northern Rivers District of NSW

Living in the Northern Rivers District of NSW makes for one of the loveliest places on earth to live. Debra herself lived there for many years and in fact her daughter Christina was born in Lismore.

But sometimes, to get the widest choice when you go shopping.. well you need to go to a major city.

Are you looking for a breast prosthesis or post breast surgery lingerie in the Northern Rivers of NSW? Did you know that you can claim the price of a new prosthesis up to $400 every two years from Medicare?

What this means is that you will be wearing your new prosthesis and mastectomy bras for two years to come. So it surely would be a good idea to make sure that you can choose from the widest range available in Australia and also to be sure you are expertly fitted in the right size for comfort too.

So where will you find the largest range in Australia?

Well, depending on just where you are located in Northern NSW, you are about 2 hours drive from the Spirit of Life Boutique in Brisbane.


Just think for a minute....  in one day you can drive to Brisbane, make your choice from the widest range available and be expertly fitted by Debra and her caring staff. There are a couple of nice cafes nearby where you can have a relaxing lunch (bring a girlfriend) and then head home.

Debra has women travel to her from not only the Northern Rivers,  but all across Australia and even the world. True.

Debra’s knowledge and service is legendary and as her boutique is mastectomy only, you won’t believe the variety of pretty mastectomy bras, swim suits and of course the widest range of prostheses that she carries.

So if people come to her from Japan, Turkey, New Zealand, Fiji, Singapore as well as all over Australia; well she must be doing something right.

Plan a day out in Brisbane, ring Debra and let her know you are coming and visit the Spirit of Life Boutique....  you’ll be so glad you did!
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