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What the customers say.

January 27

Wonderful store, helpful staff who know their products. Thank you for your assistance.

Lyana Paget

January 3

Well just when I thought I’d never feel feminine again , I walked into this wonderful store and came out feeling like a million bucks .. Debra and Helen were so incredibly helpful, understanding and so compassionate to my journey. I went to Spirit of Life Boutique on a recommendation, and now I want to pass that recommendation on to someone reading this, cause these lovely ladies are so very much worth putting your confidence in. Their knowledge and ability to know what will fit, and what will suit , seemed absolutely effortless and was done with ease and grace . A happy experience during a difficult journey. My thanks ladies.


May 4

To Debbie, many thanks for your assistance last week - it was very much appreciated.


December 24

Debra & team, thank you for your support to our breast cancer ladies. You truly make a great difference to their lives. Keep up your hard work.

Claire BCN

December 21

Thank you Debra for the best service ever. I really appreciate everything you do for me.


November 21

I’ve been going to Spirit of Life for over 20 yrs and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Debra’s care, knowledge, and sensitivity are as good now as they were on my first, very nervous, visit. Highly recommend. It’s a wholistic experience.

Elizabeth W.

September 21

Dear Helen, Angels come into our lives when we need them and you were exactly that for me today. I didn't realise how fragile I was feeling and I want to thank you sincerely for allowing me to safely feel vulnerable and a little sad. With your gentle strength you guided me through the process and I am so happy with all I was able to purchase. Helen, your kindness meant the world to me. I am so glad you were there for me today. Thank you and God bless you Helen.


August 21

Thank you to a special person. I received the size 10 prosthesis only a few days after our conversation - it's exactly what I needed and I have already posted the (Medicare) claim. Your kindness has lifted my spirits and  convinced me there are still caring people in this world. Being alone in these times when you are getting on can be a lonely time. The Irish accent revealed a lovely heart. 


March 2021

Hello Debra and Helen
Thank you so very much for your help and knowledge of product. 
I travelled home and have been busy around the house not having to pull a bra strap once. 
I am so grateful for your time.

Helen W

August 2020

Just wanting to thank HELEN for all her help with my recent purchase.
Being in lock down in Melbourne she was able to arrange a new prostheses for me over the phone.
Parcel arrived within a few days, and I am most happy with my new spare part.

Brilliant service

Margaret M

May 2020. 

Hi Debra,
Thank you for your help today with my fittings. I was very happy with the garments you showed me and you made the experience - and trip from Beenleigh- very worthwhile. Your knowledge in knowing what the client is looking for was invaluable. I will visit again next year or when I need more garments.
P S. The toasties and coffee at the Wandering Bull could not be faulted - thanks for the recommendation.

February 2020

"Just love my new air breast form. Love you girls.... you made my day."


"I love love love this lady and her shop. Thank you from the bottom of my boobies." 


"Best entertainment for the year! Good stock!"

Kay xxx

November 2019

"Thank you for making all of this so easy."

Michelle S.

"You make me comfortable with your help.""

Narelle N

"Debra & Helen, my sister Caroline and I (Julia) would like to again thank you both for all you did to assist us while in Brisbane on the 11/11/19. I received the parcel on Saturday, 16/11/19. However I was unable to contact your shop to inform you it had arrived.  You went above and beyond our expectations. Hopefully will see you next time you are in Rockhampton.  Once again, thanks"

Julie K

October 2019

"Thank you for all your help + friendly service."

Jayne W.

"Thank you for seeing me, I feel so much better."

Sandra M

"Thank you. Great Service. Great bras. Best place to come."

Rosy S

"When my friends heard I was flying across the ditch and visiting Brisbane, they told me I just had to visit Spirit of Life. What a magic place. And caring ladies too! Wish you were in New Zealand too."


September 2019

"Great to have a good laugh and solve lots of problems. With gratitude."


"Many thanks for 24 years of great service."


"That was fun! I bought the shop!"


"Thank you, you always know exactly what I need! You are all a blessing."

Suzy Y

"Amazing, as always!"

Jode W

"You girls are a real blessing" 


"Tremendous service accompanied by permanent smiles. A feel-good experience."


"Debra, you girls are a God sent blessing to ladies like us. Thank you so much"

Judith Y

"Just want to say - How awesome is the service!  Because I was going overseas and the bra I wanted desperately to pack into my luggage was not available in the shop, my friends at Spirit of Life ordered it in and brought it to me by courier. Many, many thanks."  

Margaret S.

August 2019

"Helen is a real blessing and I thank God we have you girls at Spirit of Life to look after us ladies. I left your shop feeling fabulous. Thank you girls so much and keep up the good work." 


"I love it when you come to Rockhampton because you know what I like and your fitting is excellent. Every time."

Thelma F.

"Thank you so much for coming to Rockhampton, I had no idea there were such pretty bras and so much variety."

Marie T.

From Google reviews:

"The girls are soo helpful & informative!! They really do go that extra bit to make sure the fit is spot on!!!"

Karen S.

"Debra is lovely and the whole experience was quite pleasant, I did have to go back the day after my surgery though to change my items for the smaller ones, that took it out of me, but at least they made the change over easy as and posted me the one they needed to order in."

Natalie R

I have been going to Spirit of Life Boutique for nigh on 24 years now, to purchase my breastform prosthesis following a mastectomy in 1995 after a breast cancer diagnosis. Debra and all her staff provide very professional service, on a one on one consultation. They also stock a fabulous range of mastectomy bras and matching briefs, which help to restore confidence and self esteem following a diagnosis of breast cancer and subsequent surgery. They also stock an excellent range of swimming costumes as well. I would not hesitate in recommending Spirit of Life Boutique.""

Jude M

 "Deb is wonderful. Caring and compassionate."

Heather J.

"They have a wide range of products with good variety for women who have had breast surgery. Staff are very helpful and particular with fitting."

Haidee L

"Lovely helpful staff who go that extra mile to ensure their customers always feel and look their best. Great selection of stock available."

Carolyn S

May 13

"Debra and Helen.. a big special thanks to you for your great service yesterday. 

I have been to 3 other retailers and have been very unhappy with the fit of the products suggested to me and the service. 

My Doctor recommended me to you and what a difference.

Your caring and your experience is both so obvious and amazing, no wonder you are so respected.

I feel and look great with my new prosthesis and bras. 

You two ladies are amazing.

I'll be back for swimmers come summer."


March 19

"Very Dear Debra,

I just want you and Helen to know that I appreciate what you’re doing for me and other women, with all my heart.

I wish I had the words to convey my gratitude for all your kindness, care and magnificent experience.

Every hour of every day , the world is better because of what you do. And it’s not just about knowledge and skills, it’s about the generous, caring hearts behind it and the healing they bring about.

Thank you Debra & thank you Helen. And I do so appreciate Helen’s delivery last night and am sorry that John didn’t call me in for watering my herbs to see you. Next time!

Thank you for being the wonders that you are and for looking after our bodies and souls with such care and such magic.

I hope I see you both again before too long."

Sincerely Juliet.

May 2018

"Hi Debra, So many thanks for looking after me so well on Tuesday and finding the best fit.Very much appreciated. Also thanks for sending off the Medicare claim. Regards Alison"

April 2018

"Dear Debra and the delightful Christina,

Thank you so much for your prompt and friendly service this morning and for going out of your way to take me where I was meeting my friends. I was very greatful.

You deserve to do well in business.

No doubt I will see you again in the future when I'm in need of new mastectomy goods.

Sincere thanks again,

Jenny B.

February 2018

"Dear Debra & All your Helpers

Having just read your most recent newsletter & checked out the brilliant QR codes I feel moved to write to say how grateful I am for the wonderful service you give ‘we who need special attention’.  

Thank you so very, very much for cheerfully caring & knowing how to fit us with just what we require.  And that’s for what is now 25yrs, healthy & comfortable, in my case. 

Not only do you know what suits me best you care so much how costly a prosthesis etc & I feel humbled when you offer to post anything out to me.  It’s just so thoughtful. 

For me it’s a enormous comfort to know “Spirit of Life” & all the intelligence - you gals - that goes with it is there when I require help.  

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. 

Kind regards


January 2018

"Hello, can I please make an appointment to be fitted for a right prosthesis and mastectomy bras please? 

I have had a dreadful experience with another supplier and have a stick on prosthesis that I think is too big, it is uncomfortable and the bras are uncomfortable too, digging into the flesh under my arm on the surgery side.  I wasn’t fitted properly, just had a prosthesis and bras  thrown at me and given no choice in style, shape etc.  After I got home $650 poorer I read that you are not meant to wear stick on prosthesis until 6 months post surgery. My surgery was 24 October. 

Ideally I just want a traditional prosthesis (I can’t be bothered with one I have to scrub every night - I am a busy working parent) that matches my other breast and bras that I can stand wearing for an 8 hour work day,  and possibly swimmers and a swim form. 

I would be looking at possibly late this week (thursday or Friday) if you have anything or the week of the 23rd January. 

Many thanks for your help

Ms B"

And then a few days later....

"Good afternoon Debra,

I just wanted to thank you for looking after me so well on Tuesday. I wish I had just come to you in the first place! I wore my new prosthetic and bra all day after I left your store and it was comfortable all day long. When I finally took it off that night, my husband could not believe the difference in weight and size compared to the one I was originally sold.

I wore my new singlet top with the prosthetic on Thursday and got nothing but compliments. I will be so much more confident going back to work in a few weeks looking like myself!

I have recommended you to my sister and have let my breast care nurse know of my experience. I will definitely be back to purchase more bras and a swim top later on.

Thank you again for your kindness, understanding and obvious expertise!

Kind regards

Ms B."

"Dear Debra,

Thank you so much for the kind attention my request for Amoena products. The breast form you suggested is so comfortable and I love the pretty bras.

You even filled in the Medicare claim form and enclosed an envelope with a stamp on it to make sure I got my refund.

You are outstanding and many customers would echo my words.

Sincerely, Jean S."

October 2017


Although your primary audience is mastectomy patients, you probably realise that there's a significant market for transgender women needing help while we "grow our own".

I have a set of Aqua Wave forms and Contact Multi 3S adhesive pads, which I picked up from the wonderful ladies at Spirit of Life Boutique, Clayfield, Brisbane.

I got them just before I left for three months in (with held) as the (with held) at the (with held) Lodge.

In the daytime, I often take long hikes up the surrounding mountains. My Amoena forms have been wonderful. Always stay in place, even during strenuous climbs in 40 degrees. And in the Lodge swimming pool after! Or spiffed up for dinner.

The concave back on the forms is allowing my own breasts to grow without the overall look becoming unnaturally large."

November 2016

"15th April 2016

Hello Debra.

Many thanks for posting my new breast prosthesis to me. It arrived this morning and I do appreciate the free postage too! I just wanted to say that I should have listened to you when you advised me to replace the old one when I was in your shop a few months ago. At the time it was very sticky with cracks appearing and you suggested to me then that it was well past its use by date. And at the time I thought I might get another year or two out of it.

To my horror I found out you were right when it sprung a big leak last week as I waited outside my grand daughter's school to collect her. I wondered why this lady was staring at me when finally she came over to me and asked if I was okay as a large dark stain had started to spread across my navy blouse.. it was the silicone leaking out I discovered when I returned home. Although as soon as I saw the wet patch I knew exactly what had happened, but having to explain it to a much younger woman was very embarrassing.

Next time, I will replace it when it is due and I am entitled to a Medicare rebate for it. Once again, many thanks for the speedy service and your expertise.

Your faithfully,"

(Name & address withheld) 

"Hi I rang yesterday and spoke with Christina - What an asset she is to your business!!! She talked me through my purchase and helped me along the way - which resulted in my purchase of two prosthesis and one bra!!

Today at 1.35 pm in Adelaide  I recieved my purchase - I was amazed - what great service!!  The fact that I only ordered about 3pm made it even more surprising!! And postage was free for me - although I was aware  that your business paid over $50.00.

In this day & age, good customer service is sadly lacking - but your business should be commended for your staff and your prompt delivery of the goods.

Many thanks

Sharyn M"

"Thank you Deb for providing me with a new cool experience!

I know my visit was a quickie but needs must when the surgeon is running an hour late and the Bruce Highway is beckoning for a very slow long run to home. As usual you were well prepared and had a stash ready for me!

I love my new 'lite' climate control prothesis! Wore it on the trip and felt
 the difference! Thank you!

Oh and by the way, you looked fab in your boho scarf and yellow! 

Thanks again for such professional care and attention under a bit of
X Stef ."

"Hello Debra

My name is T,

I was over in Australia early November where I met your daughter Christina in your shop.

 I had a mastectomy in New Zealand in July and was keen to see what Mastecomy bra’s Australia had. I have never in my entire life had such kindness, your daughter was outstanding. She told me I had been wrongly fitted here in NZ, (which is actually the second time)… not only was the prosthesis wrong, but the bra fitting was also. I was never given a “box” for my prosthesis.  

Christina explained it is very important to keep the prosthesis in the box each night, and to keep the box because of the warranty.

Neither of these things had been explained to me, nor had the fact that the prosthesis should be washed gently “daily” with special cleaner (not a standard liquid cleaner that I had been advised to use, which would infact damage it with the chemicals in them) Christina found a box, exactly the correct size for my present prosthesis.

She then presented me with a prosthesis, and a new bra that I chose.

I have to explain that I was also going through a second scare, after finding a thickening 3 weeks post my mastectomy, in my remaining breast..   Going through a diagnosis once for breast cancer is more than enough, without having to repeat the process twice so close.

Hence I didn’t want to choose more bra’s incase a second mastectomy had to happen.

Happily I can tell you that my breast MRI showed nothing considered suspicious for malignancy.

Could you please pass this on to Christina.

 I have a close friend who lives in XXXXX, so hopefully one day I will return, and return to your business I will do.

Your daughter is a huge asset to your business, and the most caring young woman I have ever met.

I will spread the word from over here in NZ about the kindness and support I received from Christina.

I will never forget her.



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