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Compression Garments

Post Operative Compression Surgical Garments

Please read.

At Spirit of Life we supply a lot of post surgery compression garments. These are specifically designed for various surgical procedures. And for this reason they cannot be bought on line. If your Doctor has directed you to us, then you need to visit to be measured and fitted with the garment. A lot of knowledge and skill goes into getting this right and that is why your Doctor will send you to Debra & Helen at Spirit of Life. Debra regularly talks with the Doctors and practice managers and knows what the preferences are for each Doctor and the procedure you may be having.

 As soon as you know your surgery date, you should call us on 07 - 35114222 and arrange a time to be fitted. 

And please.. do not leave it until the morning of your surgery. 

While 99% of our patients leave with the garments, there are some who may need something a little different due to body shape, procedure etc and that will be a 24 hour delivery.


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