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All Partial Breast Prostheses

Amoena Adapt Air Partial MD233 Prosthesis

This new partial prosthesis from Amoena features their revolutionary air technology. 

The integrated air chamber allows you to add extra air to make it adapt to your body.

This is ideal for ladies who have had reconstruction and now have an imbalance in breast sizes, or suffer weight fluctuations.

And it features the cool comfort plus technology.

See video with Debra here!


Anita 1057 Partial breast Prostheses with filler material for expansion and perfect fit.

Made in Germany by Anita, this prosthesis has a soft silicone front, a microfibre back and an opening to allow you to add fibre filling (supplied) to ensure a perfect fit should your size change.

Free postage on this item!

Symmetry Matters


Pure Fit Partial

Pure Fit from Amoena is ideal for those ladies who have had a lumpectomy or size difference between their breast. The little cover is washable and has special fill to insert into the cover to adjust for sizing. Is also ideal for ladies having expanders as part of reconstruction. 

Symmetry Matters


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