There is life and lingerie after breast surgery!
Call us on +61 (7) 3511 4222

There is life and lingerie after breast surgery!
Call us on +61 (7) 3511 4222

Pure Fit Partial

Pure Fit from Amoena is ideal for those ladies who have had a lumpectomy or size difference between their breast. The little cover is washable and has special fill to insert into the cover to adjust for sizing. Is also ideal for ladies having expanders as part of reconstruction. 

Symmetry Matters


Rhodes Mastectomy Chlorine Resistant Mastectomy Swimsuit

Stunning in Black, this chlorine resistant swimsuit feature high neck cover and pockets on both sides.

Please note.... stock nearly all gone.. black (as shown) all sold out only some Navy Blue remaining.


Sports Bra

Well designed white mastectomy sports bra. Features twin pockets and a black strip around midriff of bra. Also features Coolmax fabric too!


Sunset Chic Singlet Top Papaya / Copper

New fashion drop of Sunset Chic Singlet Tops just off the boat from Amoena. Featuring bilateral pockets and comes in Papaya / Copper

Note: Smaller cut so a small is 8 - 10, Medium is 12 - 14, Large 14 - 16


Valletta Mastectomy Top in light blue.

New for Autumn is this Amoena Valletta top in light blue.

Like all Valletta tops it features bilateral plackets for your form/s.

These are really comfortable and ideal for long distance aeroplane flights.


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