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Amoena Attachable Form 386

This is the same shape as the 521 only is attachable. Ideal under underwire bras.

(This is an updated version of 521 and has climate control design)

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Amoena Bliss Panty To Match Bliss Bra

Very stylish, why not complete the set.


Amoena Comfort Plus 396

The new 396 (medium projection) replaces the 663. It is basically an improved version featuring the new Comfort Plus technology. Comfort + is a new pearlescent temperature equalising material integrated into the breast form. Essentially it reduces the body's temperature behind the breast form and so any perspiration is minimised. In practice it provides a comfortable constant temperature for the wearer. (Replaces #663)

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Amoena Contact 2S Breast Form 381

New from Amoena is this contact breast form with built in climate control material. This offers more wearing comfort and cooling to the chest wall.

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Amoena Energy Lite Prosthesis (342)

Softer 3 dimensional pearl surface plus the addition of airflow channels maximises ventilation to help the skin breathe behind this form. This particular breast prosthesis has 30% more comfort plus temperature equalising material reducing perspiration behind the from keeping you cool and comfortable all day!

The back layer now has a new "in touch" soft silicone to create a super soft more flexible form that feels more natural to touch.

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