There is life and lingerie after breast surgery!
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Latest One Piece Mastectomy Swimsuit from Sunflair of Germany!

Literally just arrived in store.

This stunning leopard print with turquoise trim swimsuit feature bilateral pockets for you swim forms and has adjustable straps.

Matching poncho!


Sunflair 22374 Mastectomy Swimsuit.

Literally just into the store.

This Sunflair mastectomy swimsuit features bilateral pockets for your sim form/s and what a colourful pattern.

And this is available  in plus sizes too!


Sunflair 72141 Mastectomy Swim Suit

Just in from Europe is the range of 72141 mastectomy swimsuits for Sunflair. The quality of these swimsuits is simply amazing. They feature bilateral pockets for your swim form/s, adjustable straps and the ladies simply love them. You will not be disappointed.


Sunflair Blue Poncho

Ideal as resort wear and so well made.


Sunflair Leopard Print Poncho to match swim suit.

From our friends at Sunflair in Germany is this amazingly coloured poncho to match the swimsuit. Ideal resort wear.


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