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Anita Care

Anita Mastectomy Sports Bra

Just into the boutique are these fabulous sports bras by Anita care of Germany.

Very supportive and outstandingly comfortable.


Anita Santa Ana bikini bottom

From Anita of Germany comes this bikini bottom to match the Santa Ana bikini top.


Anita Santa Ana bikini top

Ideal to wear with swim shorts etc. Features bilateral pockets for your swim form/s. From Anita Care in Europe.

Very limited size range right now.. waiting more deliveries from Germany.


Anita Swim Form

Anita Soft Silicone Swimwear Breast Form. This silicone insert is especially designed for swimming and sports activities. The ribbed design on the rear ensures quick water drain when you jump out of the pool. This swim prosthesis is a lot lighter (up to 25%) and softer than others on the market. Only new to the Boutique but just walking out the door.. our customers love them.


Anita Tonya T Shirt Bra

The Tonya Mastectomy T Shirt bra is a popular favourite. Bilateral concealing soft cups with bilateral pockets feature silky microfibre


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