There is life and lingerie after breast surgery!
Call us on +61 (7) 3511 4222

There is life and lingerie after breast surgery!
Call us on +61 (7) 3511 4222

Anita Care
Orley Mastectomy Soft Cup Bra

From our good friends at Anita is the Orley soft cup mastectomy tony bra in black.

Features fine pink spots, Italian black lace and bilateral pockets for your breast form/s

Has matching briefs.


Safina soft cup mastectomy bra

This is a very high quality mastectomy bra from Anita of Germany, one of the oldest lingerie makers in Germany. It features lace panels, padded shoulders and an excellent fit. A very elegant and practical mastectomy bra.


Toliara Mastectomy Bikini from Anita

Bold graphics make this mastectomy bikini stand right out!

Anita are pushing the envelope with this retro inspired design which features bilateral pockets for your swimform/s

Limited size range left. Please check!


Tonya Flair by Anita Care Padded (non underwired) Mastectomy Bra.

New padded mastectomy T shirt bra with detailed embedded straps in "Blush Rose".


Versailles Soft Cup Mastectomy Bra by Anita of Germany

Beautiful printed stretch microfibre in pail pink with nude print.

Pocketed on both sides and features semi transparent microfibre seamless edging.

This bra is exceptional to wear due in part to its clever manufacture. and comfortable lightly padded straps.

At last, full size range now available.


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