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All Breast Prostheses

Amoena Essential Light Prosthesis 2S

Lightweight breast prosthesis from Amoena in skin colour.

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Amoena Natura Cosmetic 3E

Natura Cosmetic 3E from Amoena has a full projection and a full shape. This reduced weight form is an ideal fit for ladies who may have concaving on the chest wall.

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Amoena Natura Extra Light Comfort Plus Breast Prostheses

Something brilliantly new from Amoena...

This prostheses is 40% lighter than previous prostheses and is ideal for ladies that have lymphedema and other shoulder issues.

Please note: These prostheses are VERY light and may not suit everyone. Best to call the girls and check before you order! (07 35114222)

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Amoena Natura Light 2S 390

New climate control breast form with soft back. Gives a more pleasant skin sensation and cooler on the chest wall.

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Amoena Nipples (2 pack)

Amoena stick on nipples. They are so easy to use, you will want to wear them every day.

Supplied as a pack of 2 with washing solution too!


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