There is life and lingerie after breast surgery!
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There is life and lingerie after breast surgery!
Call us on +61 (7) 3511 4222

All Breast Prostheses

Amoena Nipples (2 pack)

Amoena stick on nipples. They are so easy to use, you will want to wear them every day.

Supplied as a pack of 2 with washing solution too!


Anita Swim Form

Anita Soft Silicone Swimwear Breast Form. This silicone insert is especially designed for swimming and sports activities. The ribbed design on the rear ensures quick water drain when you jump out of the pool. This swim prosthesis is a lot lighter (up to 25%) and softer than others on the market. Only new to the Boutique but just walking out the door.. our customers love them.


Aqua Wave Swim Form

Fitting average to full shapes, this teardrop shaped shell works well in the pool. Transparent silicone and clear covering allow the natural skin color to show through any less-than-opaque swimwear fabric, without revealing the form itself. The hollow back design allows water to flow through for maximum comfort and lighter weight, in and out of the water.

Free postage on this item!

Please Note: SOME private health finds now pay rebates for swim forms. Check with yours now!


Breast Form Wash

Specialised foam wash for breast prostheses. It is very important the a breast form is washed every night in this wash solution to remove any perspiration and dirt from the form to prolong its life. The form should be patted dry with a soft towel and stored in its cradle overnight or whenever you are not wearing it.


Contact Multi

This clever device lets you convert your pocketed style prostheses to an attachable that you can wear on your chest wall.

Ideal for symmetrical style prostheses. (342, Natura Cosmetic series)


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